The savior of our beautiful planet

The Sun gives us and all other living things the best thing that we can ever hope for and that is life. Without the generosity of the Sun we would be a very dark and bleak planet like all other planets in our solar system.

At about 150 million kilometers we are at the right distance from the Sun that makes planet Earth what it has been and will be till nature decides that enough is enough and we too end up like all other planets, bleak and dark.

This day may not be very far if we do not wake up and take stock of how we have been lavish with the fossil fuels that have driven us around and also our economies.

Our dependence on fossil fuels has to be phased off and we should use all strategies possible, traditional and digital marketing and also subtle perseverance, to drive home the message that fossil fuels are running our economies but ruining our health and those of our future generations.

We need to look up at the Sun and decide our best course of action, soon.